IWFFA Sports Woman of Year Award


Nordic Region


Kristin started playing flag football for Oslo Trolls in 2000, and joined her first tournament (Östersund) after just one training, where she scored her first touch down and received her first MVP! And there her passion for the sport of flag football started.


Oslo, Norway

Kristin was born in 1981 and has been involved in various sports since she was 3 years old, from gymnastics and trampoline to soccer, snowboard and now pole dancing, but flag football really touched her heart.

In her younger years, Kristin was in charge of the youth section in Oslo District of Sports Activities, where their main goal was to help teenagers become more active. Physical activity has always been an important part of Kristin's life as well as helping others to feel the joy of a healthy body and participating in exercise/sport.

Over the Kristin has played for various teams and helped starting up and coaching new teams. Now she plays for the Oslo Tigers, and is having a great time with the incredible women on the team. "Because I love action and sprinting, and ain't afraid of physical contact, my positions as running back and safety suit me perfectly. One of the things that is so positive about flag football, compared to other sports I've been involved in, is that here women of different sizes, shapes and fitness level can all participate -  and we can have a fantastic time together - on and off the field! "

" For almost 10 years I have been working in the fitness industry as a group instructor, physiotherapist, personal trainer and strength and conditioning-teacher, and also as a part of the team behind Norway's biggest fitness concept Corebar (currently launching in the States). Now I'm living in London for 12 months, where I'm completing my Master degree in Sport and Exercise Physiology. "
is top left second / Here with Oslo Tigers
Oslo Tigers took Championship in Oslo 2010 Tournament and
Oslo Tigers were ranked #1 Scandinavian Team in IWFFA Nordic Region 2010