IWFFA Sports Woman of Year Award




Anki Schei was born in Stavanger, Norway and became involved with flag football by watching the Oslo Prides Parade, June 29, 2002. Once she saw the IWFFA banner, she ran to the group marching to find out how she could play. Anki was signed up at that moment to play the very next day in the IWFFA / Oslo tournament and it was history from there.


Anki Schei - Player and Official for Scandinavia

Anki always had a love for American tackle football. She never knew flag football existed until she got involved with the IWFFA. She practiced some with the men who played American tackle football in throwing the ball around and was their kicker. She had an arm like a bullet and can accurately throw the ball 50 yards.

Ankii Schei - Bottom Left

of the Norway Polar Bear Team

IWFFA / Oslo 2002 Tournament

Calling a Penalty


Anki brought the IWFFA to Stavanger, the western region of Norway, to train a new team whom she gathered the next year in 2003. This was important because it opened up new territory for the IWFFA and Norway flag football. Anki has always been the quarterback and the leader for all her teams. She has traveled to the states to compete in the Key West Kelly McGillis Classic. She was chosen to play for the very first 2008 World Challenge Game.

Anki - Top Left

In 2009, when the American team Blue Thunder came to Norway to compete in their 10th annual Oslo tournament, Anki hosted the group while they were in Norway. Anki officiates every flag football tournament she plays in and is founder of the Knotten United team in Oslo. She is dedicated to flag football and has brought many teams to the Scandinavian competitions. It doesn’t matter which team she plays for as long as she is playing flag football.


Teams Anki Played On:

Scotland/Norway POLAR BALL
Scandinavian Devils
Loose Women
Danish Devils
Knøttene United
Polar Bears
Nordic Mean Machine
Tennessee Turkeys
F Fighters

2008 World Challenge Game

All Star Awards

Oslo 2003 Safety Stavanger
Gothenburg 2003 QB Scandinavian Devils
Gothenburg 2004 Safety Danish Devils
Oslo 2005 RB Knøttene United
Gothenburg 2005 QB Knøttene United
Hjorring 2007 Punter Nordic Mean Machine
Oslo 2008 Punter F Fighters
Gothenburg 2008 QB F Fighters
Hjorring 2009 QB F Fighters
Olso 2009 Punter F Fighters
Gothenburg 2009 QB F Fighters

MVP Offense Awards

Oslo 2003 Stavanger
Gothenburg 2003 Scandinavian Devils
Oslo 2009 F Fighters

MVP Defense Awards

Oslo 2003 Stavanger
Gothenburg 2005 Knottene United