Halmstad, Sweden - May 30 - 31

Organizer : Ebba Ingstrom

Hosts: Anne Lise and Kjell Iggstrom

This training was added to our promotional tour following our Hacksvick Training.

Then, Ebba and Anne Lise (one of the 7 sisters) decided Halmstad could make it's own flag football team.

The training was very successful.

The women from Vaarberg came on Sunday to add to the support and success. That day, though it rained miserably, we continued our 2 1/2 hour training. Everyone wanted to keep the training going (no one wanted to stop)

We also trained at the Sturegymnasiet Skol and thank their teacher Annette for allowing us to come into her class to do so. There is was much fun.

Monday evening training (another 2 1/2 hour training) was sunny, warmer and much nicer 8 with Halmstad Women !

This promotion was very successful and we now have the : Halmstad Rebels Women's Flag Football Team !

Halstad is a Tourist Town

Hosts Anne Lise & Kjell

Halmstad & Varberg Women / Halmstad Rebels Women's Flag Football Team

Sunday, May 30 - Halmstad Women & Varberg Women's Flag Football Players

Sturegymnasiet Skol - Teacher Annette - June 30

Monday, May 31 Varberg Rebels Women's Flag Football Team