19th Kelly McGillis Classic International Women's & Girls Flag Football Championship & World Challenge III

Team Owner's 2010

Winner's Circle
Team Owners will join our Winner's Circle for Monroe County Schools Girls Flag Football Program
This year we invited all the scholls in Monroe County to enter a team of girls to represent their school in our tournament for FREE. What a wonderful opportunity to begin a new girls flag football program her in Monroe County, to support the schoools, parents and help to develop such fine female athletes.
Equipment, tournament shirts, full registration and coaches were supplied to six teams from our local schools: Gerald Adams, HOB Team B, HOB Team A, Key West High School, Poinciana, Sigsbee & Girl Scouts.
Special thanks to our coaches and persons who made the school teams possible: Patrick Myers, ashly Rooza, Keiawanna Hughes, Samia Fercha, Tracy Lunsden, Deborah Dingler, Amber Bosco, John Hughes, Tanya Coleman, Albert Fabio, Dan Kolby, Abbi Kennedy, Lisa Morris, Latisha Alce, Mary Lou Hoover, Walkisa Kisa, Parker Porter, John Grimsley and Diane Beruldsen.
To afford the program, we sought "Team Owners" who would financially fund part of this program and become directly involved with their team. We are grateful to ever "Team Owner" who now have joined our "Winner's Circle" presented at our Awards Ceremony. Without them, our ogranization could not have afforded to sponsor them all.
We welcome any Monroe County School who would like to participate in next year's program. Contact our office at: iwffa@iwffa.com

We list each Team Owner in the order they came to us:

First Team Owner:  Steve Pribramsky & Zuelch

“More than an accounting firm: a dedicated network”
937 Fleming St, Key West phone (305) 294 – 8137, email: pribramskyzuelch.com / http://www.pribramskyzuelch.com/

 "We work with clients at every step of the accounting, tax and business planning process, from payroll processing to major corporate financing. We can manage all aspects of a client’s financial and business life. "

Steve Pribramsky & Zuelch team: Poincicana Elementary School  “The Advisors”

Second Team Owner: GNO – Girls Night Out

Girls’ Night Out is a women’s networking group that started in Key West in October of 2006 with a small group of 16 women. It has grown to over 700 ladies locally and around the country, with sister chapters starting up in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Girls Night Out promotes woman-owned and operated businesses. Each month we host an event at a local restaurant, bar, theatre, spa, coffee house or gallery. The women of Girls Night Out sponsor many local women’s charities and are the proud sponsors of the Girl Scouts & Sigsbee School in this tournament. This year we are working with RSVP Key West to host the 1st Annual Girls’ Night Out Festival in Key West, June 23 – 27, 2010. For more information contact Mary Lou at: mlhoover@mindspring.com or Ashley at: ashley@rsvpkeywest.com 

Girls’ Night Out team: Sigsbee Elementary  & The Girl Scouts :“ Girls Night Out Cougars"


Third Team Owner – Grim’s Grill 

At Grim's, we believe in the positive benefits of sports. We believe that participation in a variety of physical activities is beneficial to the individual and to the community at large. We promote, sponsor and take part in community sporting events, not only as a matter of good business, but also to benefit our island community. We hope to help our citizens become healthier and happier and our town healthier and more cohesive. We always work hard to be "the greatest sports bar of all time"

3100 Flagler, Key West, FL 33040 (305) 292-4767

Grim’s Grill Team: Key West High School: “ Grim’s Grill Bandits ”

Fourth Team Owner - Avael & Associates

At Avael & Associates, we are leaders in strategic planning, and we will work with executives and organizations to support agenda setting, and to improve strategic initiatives. We will develop the organization’s ability to improve its decision-making, budget development, executive and employee hiring practices, project presentations, reengineering, team building, annual company reports, and organization streamlining. Our technical assistance will make organizations effective and efficient. We will turn goals and aspirations into concrete results, and organizations will achieve extraordinary personal and professional success.

Julio Avael created Avael and Associates Management Consulting Services in 2008 after retiring from the City of Key West. He has the longest tenure as city manager in the city’s history, and served as county manager in Lee County and Douglas  County, Nevada. Avael has a bachelors degree in criminal justice and a master’s of public administration. Avael has published two articles in the International Public Management Magazine “Solving Multi-year Budget Problems in a Single Budget Year Cycle” and “Development of an Ambassador Program”.

1720 Johnson St., Key West, Florida, 33040 E-mail: JulioAvael@avaelconsulting.com
Telephone: (305) 293-0589  /  http://www.avaelconsulting.com

Avael & Associates Team: HOB Middle School:  “ Key West Buccaneers “

Fifth Team Owner – Blue Heaven Restaurant & Salute

On September 19, 1992 Suanne the artist and Richard the writer cooked and served black beans, rice, and fish to their first lunch customers on the painted picnic tables under the tropical almond tree in our fine outdoor dining area.
Through the years the property has hosted cock fighting, gambling and Friday night boxing matches refereed by Ernest Hemingway. A dance hall, a bordello and a playhouse have occupied the second floor. Today inside the Bordello Gallery above the restaurant, one can still peek through the sliding peep holes into the tiny rooms.
The restaurant has grown, just as the history  and stories of the property itself, and has turned into one of the most fun, delicious and popular places to dine.
Blue Heaven contributes and supports the community heavily over the years. And their owners are active citizens to better conditions for all. 
Sue and Rich have just recently opened another fun restaurant in Key West: Salute !  and it’s right on the beach. Volleyball, beach, salty water and a beach side café serving Italian and island style food.
729 Petronia St (corner of Thomas & Petronia St) /  305-296-8666 / http://www.blueheavenkw.com/
1000 Atlantic Blvd / 305 292 – 1117 /  http://saluteonthebeach.com/

Blue Heaven Team: HOB Middle School A   “ Blue Heaven Blue Angels “

Sixth Team Owner – Circle K

 The  Convenience  Stores  of  the  Florida  Keys  from  Key  Largo  to  Key  West. Many  open  24  hours  a  day

To  serve  you  when  you  feel  the  need.  From  Fuel  to  Food  and  even  a  Car  Wash  at  one  in  Key  Largo  and  one  in  Key  West. As  we  always  say  “WHAT  ELSE  DO  YOU  NEED”
“ Stop  by  and  say  Hi  to  me”   Bob  De ANGELIS

Store  Locations:

  • Circle K – 1075 Duval St  (305) 294-8711 / www.circlek.com
  • 3032 North Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West - (305) 292-1277 / www.shell.com
  • 1890 North Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West - (305) 292-4719 / www.circlek.com
  • 1109 Overseas Highway, Key West, (305) 296 - 8811 

Circle K Team:   Gerald Adams Elementary School  “ Circle K Dolphins “