One of the goals of the IWFFA explained in the IWFFA mission statement:
"to provide an opportunity for all females regardless of econonomic status to enjoy healthy competition, have fun, develop teamwork skills, learn fair play, and good sportship" Our tournaments help to develop these fine character and leadership skills and so, to allow all female athletes of all economic levels, sponsorship is needed for some.

For all the years the IWFFA has existed, the IWFFA has sponsored so many teams to allow girls and women the chance to compete in these athletic competitions and tournaments around the world.

With the current economy, it has not been easy for the IWFFA to offer assistance to all the teams who really need financial support.

Therefore, raising funds to afford support for all the teams who need aid, was founded in year 2009, when the IWFFA solicited Local Businesses in Key West to sponsor individual teams, thus initiating our IWFFA "Team Owner" program.

These Team Owners help support not only the teams and players in which they sponsor, but the sponsorhip program of the IWFFA. With the support of " Team Owners" the IWFFA can further assist other groups .

And for each team sponsored, the IWFFA takes your financial contribution and matches it.

It is not an expensive program, and at the awards ceremonies, "Team Owners" join our "Winners Circle" and become life members.


"Team Owners are Winners".

If you are interested to become a Team Owner
Email us for more information


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