Founder IWFFA

Diane Beruldsen

THE IWFFA is an organization run by women for women.
This is to promote leadership skills and for women to control their own sport.
We are a current, full force organization, serving the sport of girls and women's flag football in every capacity necessary and are all over the world.
No one earns a salary, but instead volunteers her time and energy for the cause

As the IWFFA works to unite female flag football all over the world and to professionalize the sport, there are areas we need to develop, parts of the organization we need to structure, re-structure and tremendous work will be involved to take the sport to a higher level. We invite you to join us!

Personal Invitation To You:
We invite any female willing to committe herself in our efforts and join us as we work together
Contact our office at:

Country Representatives

Jeanette Thorsrud - Norway

Katta Sterner - Sweden

Pernilla Andrea Dahl - Denmark

Rikke Nyholm Sorensen - Assistant Denmark

Stephanie Vigneault - Canada

Honduras - TBA

Mexico - TBA

Guatamala - TBA



Committe Members

Nancy Wernes

Alison Woods

Georgeann Lewis

Hillary Sinclair

Tamalan Walker

Renate Aavik

Regional Directors

Celia Arevalo- Latin America

Lena Johansson - Scandinavia

North America - TBA

Board of Advisors

Lena Johansson

Rosaria Baldari

Lynn Milano