“IWFFA Experience the Excitement” –  Introduction by Kelly McGillis and IWFFA President / Founder Diane Beruldsen.
Filmed by Phil Tuckett - NFL Films Inc  / Music by Robert Miles – ‘Children’ - Length  5:25

You truly feel the action on the field as these fantastic action shots takes you exclusively  from the huddle to the line and then end of the play. On the line blocking, great flag pulling, phenomenal passing  all coordinated  to the music composed by Robert Miles: ‘Children’

NFL Football America – Women in Football – 1996 Emmy   
Filmed by NFL Films Inc. Director: Phil Tuckett – award winning film maker      Length 8:32

NFL film Inc filmed the IWFFA Key West tournament  (currently known as the Kelly McGillis Classic International Women’s & Girls Flag Football Championship and World Challenge Game). Their phenomenal shots, zoom lens cameras allows you to watch the action, listen inside the huddle, feel what the fans are feeling  as teams from all over the country  compete. The true inside to what it’s like to play in the largest women’s flag football tournament of the IWFFA.
About Phil Tuckett - Phil Tuckett producer / director / writer / editor / cinematographer with NFL Films  has developed a distinctive style of documentary film making and has won 30 individual Emmy Awards. For Football America, the 1996 Emmy winner for Outstanding Sports Special, Tuckett traveled to remote locations around the country to gather grass roots stories that created a definitive portrait of football as a reflection of the “American Dream”.

New Attitude / Lifetime Television –  Produced by Lifetime - Length  5:22

 “They’re true virgins . They have not been influenced by the men’s style of play. They really play with a female style “ - Diane Beruldsen / President Founder IWFFA

  • Featuring Team from Denmark “
  • Player Interview  - Andra Douglas –(Original owner Sharks Women’s Tackle Team)
  • President / Founder IWFFA Interview - Diane Beruldsen

2010 IWFFA / Ellen Degeneres Dance

Keys TV.com - Conch TV – 18th annual  Kelly McGillis Classic - Length 2:01
Filmed and edited by: Craig. for Key West, Florida Keys Information  Travel Guide

Kelly McGillis  is interviewed and describes the annual  Classic event. See action shots from the  World Challenge Game ( U.S. All Stars  vs  International All Stars)  in addition to some of the 18th annual Kelly McGillis Classic Championship Games.

2009 Kelly McGillis Classic  - Length 4:20

Producer / Editor: Justin Ortega  - Film Crew Conch Studio of Key West High School / Supervised by Edward Smith

An interesting piece with great zoom shots and angles. Meshed with plenty of action on the field and  sidelines . Girls, Women play hard in the 18th annual Kelly McGillis Classic with blocking, punts, fake kicks, defensive rush and more. U.S. Teams, Canada, Mexico and Scandinavian Playersand Kelly McGillis – Actress. Justine Ortega of the KWHS Conch Studio who was nominated for award for her final production

Kelly McGillis Interview – 18th annual       - Length  9:19
After Ellen - LOGO - Interview with Kelly McGillis - by Trish Bendix

"Every year, Key West hosts the International Women and Girls' Flag Football Championship and World Challenge. What started as a small local tournament — featuring the hometown team, The Loose Women — has grown over the last several years, adding longtime Key West resident Kelly McGillis as its celebrity sponsor and public face.

Jordal Amfi Oslo Norway  / Valerenga Trolls  - Length  2:45
Filmed by: Gjertrud Eia / Produced by: Johan Tillberg / Photographer - Tormod S. Vinje

The IWFFA traveled to Scandinavia in the late 90's and introduced the sport of flag football to female athletes "who never caught, threw or saw a football. Their style of play does not imitate the men, but rather demonstrates the true female style" - Diane Beruldsen / President and Founder IWFFA. Gjertrud Eia creates a documentary of Norway's first Women's Flag Football team (Valerenga Trolls also known as the Oslo Trolls) as they train outside during the 2000 winter to prepare for their first competition against Sweden's Gothenburg Angels. Both teams make it to the U.S. Key West International Championship in February 2001.

Inside sports          1st annual IWFFA Dallas Tournament Texas    
Produced by Noah Art  - Length 2:16
  • Great action shots timed perfectly with Lenny Kravitz song: American Woman
  • Listen to what it feels like for players on the field
  • Interview with Texas players: Sarah Sweeney and Kristin Anderson. 1999

KPRP Sports –  Channel 2 Sports Sunday - Length 2:00
1st annual IWFFA Houston Texas ‘Hotter than hell tournament’

Held at University of Houston, KPRC TV station films some nice close up action
Interviews with  Track & Field Star Jolanda Jones and President of IWFFA Terri Norwood. 1997
Bump – Producer and Director - Robert Lawlor - Length 1:31
Canadian TV Pride Vision brings Hostess Shannon McDonough to Key West to film the great city for all it’s funness, diversity and flag football. Shannon interviews President Diane Beruldsen about the diversity of the organization and includes some nice flag football shots.
IWFFA Commercial - Edited by Sandra Scott - Length 2:59
All action. Lots of  very close up plays. Great passes and catches. flag grabbing, tough blocking.  Zoom  line action shots with tons of  running and pass plays. Really nice runs up the middle and see Tonka bump a woman three feet off the ground.
1995 Key West Tournament
Filmed and Edited by: Sandra Scott - Length 5:00
The early years of the oldest IWFFA tournament. See team action on the field, interview with inventor of Flag A Tag belts and flags: Marilyn and Porter Wilson, and tournament director : Diane Beruldsen. Nice scenic shots of the island of Key West. Team photos of all the teams from San Francisco to New York and in between which includes: highland ho’s  rats, mermaids, rhinos, rebels and more.
2009 Kelly McGillis Classic - Comcast TV Commercial  - Length  36 sec.
2009 Kelly McGillis Classic - Conch Radio Commercial
2009 Kelly McGillis Classic - US 1 Radio Commercial