Training / Clinics / IWFFA Promotional Tours

Since the very beginning of our organization, the IWFFA has traveled the world to find other women's teams and leagues in order to unite under one umbrella.

However it was not enough to unite. We needed to create flag football teams where the sport did not exist in order to reach and empower as many women and girls around the world.

Thus, we created our IWFFA promotional tours in which we pack our bags with lots of equipment and travel to cities around the world.

We promote, recruit and conduct trainings for: Officials and Coaches and flag football clinics for players whether they are athletic or non-athletic in order to create new teams and leagues.

We have been very effective and successful in these tours and had actually introduced the sport in: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Today, there exists the Nordic Region for Women's Flag Football. New leagues have been formed and existing leagues have been supported and made stronger with more teams created from our promotions. Thus, we are uniting and making larger our umbrella for women's and girls flag football.

We continue our efforts throughout North America, Europe and soon will travel to Africa.

If you are interested in having your city included in our next promotional tour contact our office.

click below description, photos and stories from our IWFFA promotional tours