Hacksvik, Sweden - May 8, 2010 - Organized by: Lone Olesen and Susanne Elofsson
(village of the 7 sisters)
((we got 5 of them for the flag football ))

The 20 women were already organized by Lone and Susanne.

Few of these women played before, most didn't , most never saw American Tackle Football and learned in one full day of training

Their ages varied from 15 yrs to 50

This training was a full day from 10 AM till 6PM. Soup and Sandwiches for lunch

We had hail, rain, then nice weather

There was media coverage from their Hacksvik local newspaper

At the end, we played a regulation Full Length Scrimmage Game.

We had supper and big party that evening with drinks, belly dance, karaoke and live music from Susanne Elofsson

I stayed at one of the 7 sisters: "presidential suite"

It was a very successful promotion

Training Photos

Journalist Interviewing Lone

Hackvick Field

Presidential Suite - Now that the President from United States (IWFFA) stayed there

Hacksvik Women's Flag Football Team

On the Field

We had a great party that night. Lot's of singing, drinking, dancing, partying, good food and just having fun