IWFFA / Norway Promotional Tour 2003

Our goal for Norway:

To create teams for a healthy Norwegian Women's Flag Football League who can compete against each other throughout the year

To unite with the Scandinavian League and compete regularly with those countries

To bring under one umbrella women's flag football and work with existing sports organizations

To build up the IWFFA / Oslo tournament


Begining our trainings in Oslo, then traveling to the west coast of Norway for the first time, Norway will become the strongest country for women's and girls flag football in Scandinavia (for now anyway).

Our first IWFFA Scandinavian tournament was in Oslo, Norway, where we continue our 4th annual this June 28 - 29, 2003


In past years, the VIF Trolls (currently Norway No Fear), took the championship in the: 2001 IWFFA / Oslo tournament , 2001 IWFFA/Gothenburg Tournament

and continue to be one of the top competitive scandinavian teams.



The woman who has kicked the longest field goal (in IWFFA records) is from Norway: Linn Leroy who kicked 54 yards


Here are some of the teams started, strengthened so far during 2003 promotional tour (to be updated as we continue to travel):

Oslo, Tornadoes - 1st girls team in Oslo click here for update on girls

Oslo Trolls

Oslo Panthers

Oslo No Fear

Oslo Loose Women