Gothenburg, Home of IWFFA's Sweden Tournament             

Gothenburg, is situated in a great location, as it is easy to travel from Norway, Denmark, the US and other cities of Sweden.

This easy transportation to the Gothenburg and it's very affordable housing (cheapest tournament we have), makes our tournament which is end of August easy to participate in.

The Gothenburg Angels is the hosting team, who has progressed amazingly in their skill level for the game, placing mediocre in their first two years of competition to finaly taking first place with a combined team of Norwegians for the 2002 Kelly McGillis Classic (International Women's Flag Football Championship) in the beginner division as well as taking the championship for the 2003 Kelly McGillis Classic (as an entire Gothenburg Angel Team).


This team of women started out in 2000 (during IWFFA 2000 promotional tour), with no coach, but themselves who learned the game mostly by reading the rules, combining their athleticism and experience in other sports, to bring them to the highest level of the competition for women's flag football in Scandinavia, in just three years time.


Their support of the 2003 promotional tour, has been tremendous, and without this group of women, our tour in Sweden would not be possible as male politics in American Football almost got in the way of the advancement of women's flag football in this country.

Photo Taken: May 2003, Gothenburg Angels

Our next training in Gothenburg will take place: July 14th, Monday 6:00 PM at Skatås (near the soccer fields)

and Sunday, July 15th at 6PM (same location)

for more information contact: Lena 070 - 55 - 36 - 604