IWFFA / Canada   2003 Promotional Tour        


The IWFFA wanted to come into Canada to promote flag football after last year's Quebec tournament. Only two teams competed in the 2002 tournament and we wanted to support the event, trying to bring more teams into it's competition and also to help build up the 8 on 8 rules which the IWFFA uses. The majority of Canada uses 7 on 7, which does not allow for blocking, and all those other good skills. We believe women should learn 8 on 8 skills to better compete with the men in business, and political worlds. Also by using 8 on 8 rules with blocking, females of all sizes, quickness, athletic abilities, coordination, etc. are allowed to find a position which suites them and to participate competitively . It is the goal of the IWFFA to bring in as many females as possible, under one umbrella, no matter what their skill level, body size, experience, etc. So, we promote the 8 on 8.

Early January, the IWFFA had three cities destined to travel to: Alberta, Quebec and Winnipeg were three areas I (Diane Beruldesn) was to travel to conduct clinics to help starrt new teams for girls and women's flag football. But by the time April came, only Winnipeg area was able to make all necessary arrangents for our clinics (April is a cold month and we were looking for indoor facilities for our participants). We would have to consider these other cities for future promotions.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Plans were to introduce the sport, get the girls interested (junior age division) and to build the IWFFA in this region (it would be first time IWFFA went to this area in Canada). In time, perhaps we could have an IWFFA tournament in Winnipeg, but for now, we will take little steps.



My contact was a young woman, Destiny Reeves, who spearheaded the idea for IWFFA to come to Winnipeg and who made all the arrangements. She would end up gathering over 40 girls, finding indoor facility and was my hostess while I stayed in Winnipeg. She did it all.

Here in photo to right is me (left) and Destiny



On April 15th, departing from New York, I left for my trip to Winnipeg, Canada which was a long and tough one. Over 1 ,700 miles in 33 hours, driving alone and then into some snow storms became very tiring and weary. It seemed like such a long trip, only to one city in Canada, but then again, there was a desire for IWFFA to come, and we said we would come.

The weather was cold, driving through a snow storm to get to Canada, and the drive was really filled with adventures (check out diane's journal - crossing the canadian border). On Thursday, April 17th I arrived to Winnipeg, and met with Destiny for the first time. In a few hours, we went to the St. John's High School and there, conducted a training clinic for 40 girls between the ages of 14 - 18 yr old. The girls were shown the IWFFA promotional video, lectured on the history of women's flag football, explained the sport's future and then began our 1 1/2 hour training which included: sweeps, short passes, blocking and ended with flag football scrimmage. At the end, Destiny and I were happy with the training, and hopeful to continue 8 on 8 flag football and the IWFFA in this region of Canada. Here are some photos:

Don't forget to tuck shirts in


Time out for a Group Shot


First set of lines for short passes

Huddle Action


Blocking Drills


This is how belts should be worn